One simple and effective way to renovate your bathroom and achieve a fresh, new look is with a new or different bathroom mirror. Choosing the right bathroom mirror is really important to help you achieve the effect you want and create an impact. The right mirror will not only look good, it will fulfill the functions you need it to.

When you have the right mirror in your bathroom, it will create a focal point for the room. The right mirror creates a feeling of spaciousness in the room and adds light and brightness. This is a great advantage, especially in the type of bathroom often found in older houses that are small, cramped and dark.

But what is the right mirror for your bathroom? How do you go about finding it?

Any accessory in your home should follow the style and decor of the rest of the room and possibly even the whole house. For example, if you have an ultra-modern apartment, an antique style of mirror could look out of place. So look for a style of mirror that reflects the decor in your home.

Take the time to look around at many different stores, in decorating magazines and online. As you search, you will start to find a trend in what appeals to you and what you really don’t like. This can then help you narrow down your search and focus on the style and design you want and that will suit the room best and have an overall design goal.

Know the size of mirror that will look best and be the most serviceable in your room. Here is where a professional bathroom renovator can help with advice and ideas that you may not have considered. Measure the space where the mirror is to be hung to ensure you buy exactly the right size and shape. When you think you have a good idea of the size and shape you want, make a cut-out from newspaper, taped together if necessary to make the full size, and hold it up in the bathroom or stick it temporarily to the wall so you can get an idea of the impact it is going to have.

Think outside the box when it comes to design; a bathroom mirror doesn’t have to be plain. Have your mirror cut to the exact size and shape you want; maybe put it in a frame like a picture or surround it with a row of contrasting tiles. Keep in mind that a mirror in the bathroom is going to reflect many of the other aspects of the room, allowing them to be seen from a different angle. The mirror can form a frame on a feature on the opposite wall for example, so you need to make sure that different parts of the room are worth reflecting and framing.

So consider the style of your home and the decor of the bathroom when choosing a bathroom mirror and take your time to look at many different options before deciding on the one that suits you and your bathroom.