When homeowners consider bathroom renovation goals, they usually have a specific purpose in mind. So whether you want to modernise an old bathroom for your own use or to improve the home’s resale value, make a bathroom more child-friendly or more suited to the elderly or simply improve the standard of the bathroom in an investment property, make sure you renovate with that specific purpose in mind, to get the best result.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to increase the resale value of a house is with a bathroom renovation. If this is your purpose, you need a cost-effective renovation that will achieve a fresh, clean look to appeal to a wide variety of tastes. To achieve this, it is best to choose a neutral colour scheme to create a light, bright room that allows people to add their own personality. Use coordinating towels and accessories to add colour and pizazz to the room. The design of the bathroom renovation should be in keeping with the rest of the house; if you have an older home or a federation style, for example, an ultra-modern bathroom could look out of place.

If the bathroom you are renovating is in an investment property, you need to follow strategies similar to preparing the house for sale. In this situation, you need to consider fixtures and fittings that are durable and will take some hard treatment but are not too highly priced. What you are looking for in this situation is a functional, hardwearing and easy to clean bathroom. Your goal is to create an easy-to-maintain bathroom for the benefit of the tenant on a daily basis and for you between tenants.

Maybe you want to renovate a bathroom for your children to use. This can be a really fun project and the kids will enjoy getting involved in the design phase. Themes are popular for kids’ rooms and you certainly can have some fun with creating a themed bathroom for the littlies. Keep in mind, however, that kids grow up and your teenage daughter might not be so enthusiastic using a bathroom with a ducks and fishes theme. Also, the kids will leave home eventually, so consider creating a neutral bathroom scheme that can be themed with changeable accessories.

When planning a bathroom renovation for an elderly person, there are several safety features you can incorporate for your peace of mind and the security of the older person. Handrails beside the toilet and in the shower are important, as are non-slip tiles, shower and bath. Consider the height of the basin if it needs to be used when sitting down. There are taps designed specifically for hands that don’t work as well as they used to. Consider regulating the temperature of the hot water in the bathroom to prevent burns.

So whatever reason you have for considering a bathroom renovation, be sure to keep that purpose in mind when planning and designing the elements you are going to include. Write down some renovation goals.