Sometimes you just need to hear the Top Reasons for Bathroom Renovations… Bathroom renovations are a major undertaking and it is important to understand why you are considering making such a move. The reasons help to determine some of the changes you will make and what the budget will be. Here are the top 5 reasons that people renovate their bathroom.

The bathroom is one of the most-visited rooms in a house so it is important that it is a comfortable and pleasant space to be in. Possibly the top reason for renovating a bathroom is to improve how it looks; bathrooms do lose their gloss over time. In older homes, this room wasn’t given much attention but was made to be merely serviceable. The bathrooms tended to be small and dull, often with tiny windows and dark wall and floor tiles. Enamelled surfaces become chipped and stained over time and affect the over-all appearance of the room. An old-fashioned bathroom could be improved by bringing it into the 21st century with modern fixtures and fittings; these tend to have clean lines which freshen a dull room.

A bathroom needs to be functional and so it could be that the needs of the family have changed and a renovation is needed to make it more serviceable for the people who use it. Old plumbing could be faulty or the water pressure too low. If the family has grown, an additional bathroom might be considered a good investment. A remodelling needs to take into account who will be using the room and how it is to be used. If the inhabitants are becoming elderly, safety features might need to be included such as grab rails and anti-slip surfaces.

Because the bathroom is such an important room, potential home buyers consider it a key feature in determining if a house is suitable and worth the asking price. If you are thinking of selling your house, you might want to renovate the bathroom to increase the resale value or make the home more saleable. If you own an investment property, renovating the bathroom will help to attract quality tenants, a higher rental price and allow you to capitalise on your investment.

The cost of energy and water is rising at an alarming rate and so another reason for remodelling a bathroom is to make it more energy efficient. There is a wide range of products on the market that can achieve this and some can be fitted without a lot of structural work. Because you will be saving on power and water bills in the future, the cost of the renovation will pay for itself over time.

One of the major reasons why homeowners renovate is simply to improve how their house looks by incorporating the latest trends. Bathroom fixtures and fittings have changed considerably in recent years and the range is staggering. Many homeowners simply want a modern, trendy bathroom, with all the latest in bathroom technology.

Which of these 5 top reasons for bathroom renovation is your motivation for considering this step? Whichever it is, a qualified bathroom renovation company will give you advice on what is available to achieve the result you want.